The End of an era

The end of an era

Christmas time saw the end of an era as our very own Olive Quinton gracefully stepped down as CEO to take her well earned retirement. Covid took a final bite at our plans to say a grand farewell, meaning that we had to downsize our party to keep everyone safe.
We know that Olive is held in high regard throughout the whole of Suffolk. She started Lofty Heights with a camper van and some good old fashioned stubborn, plus some trusting young men she picked up in a layby! With the help of long-term LH supporter, Mark Murphy, we had a ‘This is Your Life Presentation’ and the whole team, now far larger than ever imagined, were able to say goodbye to Olive and Tony Quinton. Tony had been our star volunteer for the last ten years and will also be greatly missed, he did get his own award too. Our presentation was very personal, but it was made extra special with the commissioning of this poem by our very own Georgina Salmon:

Farewell Olive and Tony

We are so proud of all you’ve achieved
Never afraid to roll up your sleeves
From humble beginnings, you always believed 
Building up slowly, your magic was weaved
Legal and decent, but never naive
You’ve given us your expertise
So, now’s the time to stand at ease.
Hands on the reins, the broom, the keys,
No more rats and no more fleas
No more stinking mouldy cheese
No more sore and grimy knees
No worries now of Weil’s disease
No dungarees, confused trainees
No more half-drunk cups of tea
Now you are both retirees
We thank you for the memories
(by the way we bought some trees)



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