Our Services

As a Not For Profit Social Enterprise, Lofty Heights CIC supports vulnerable people in Suffolk to live safely at home with our decluttering, homeward bound and house clearance services.

We also help relatives, close family members, and carers at a time of change or bereavement where they need a little help to either clear or reorganise a space.

We always deliver our services with dignity and respect and never shy away from what can seem like an overwhelming task.

What we do

About us

Since 2012, our work has been defined by making homes safer, improving wellbeing and adding social value by training and employing young people with a NEET background. It’s quite simple, we exist to make a positive difference to the community.

Who we work with

Reach out to us

If your home, or a home of someone you know or have caring responsibilities for, needs help making their space more habitable or accessible, we can help. We’ll always seek to listen and help whenever we can.

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