Garden Clearance

For some people, tending to a garden is just too much, and when left, the outside space can become hazardous, inaccessible, and even a calling card for criminals.

That’s where we can help.

Putting leaves in a garden sack

At Lofty Heights, we love nothing more than helping people to reclaim their garden, shed or garage space. We clear even the most overgrown and cluttered of outside spaces and outbuildings so that when you find a regular gardener, they will not be scared off by the task at hand.

Who we help


People who need assistance in clearing a garden, shed or garage that has become cluttered or unmanageable.

Social Services

benefits of a garden clearance for vulnerable people or where neighbours may have complained.


Those who do not have the time to tend to the garden in addition to their caring responsibilities.

Extended family and friends

A close relative or companion of someone whose garden is negatively impacting their life.

The Benefits

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Restores gardens

Reclaims previously inhospitable, inaccessible dishevelled gardens to a clear useable space.

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Solves outbuilding problems

Assists with clearing and re-organising garden buildings, including the dismantling of sheds.

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Improves accessibility

Creates safe access to and from the home to the garden to prevent trips, slips and falls.

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A safe space

Enables the garden to be safely accessed and enjoyed by children and vulnerable adults (e.g., people living with dementia).

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Less crime

Reduces the likelihood of doorstep conmen who often identify vulnerable people by the condition of their outside space.

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Resolves disputes

Reduces any tension with neighbours who feel aggrieved or frustrated with the condition of either a front or back garden.

Our Process

Whether you have inherited an unruly garden, need help with an outbuilding, or your outside space has become neglected through ill health, we can help. We do not run a gardening service, but our team is very good at carrying out a clearance and dismantling sheds.

We can also plan the removal of accumulated items that have been stored in the garden to make room for things in the house, or we can cut down overgrown plants or weeds.

Ready for help now? Call us on 01473 345 301 or Email:

1 / First Contact

We encourage you to make either a telephone or email enquiry or use the contact form on our website.

2 / Assessment visit

We will need to see the garden or outbuilding to provide you with an accurate estimate for the work. In most cases, we prefer to view the garden in person, but a video call or pictures will be fine if this is not possible.

3 / Provision of a quote

We provide you with a garden clearance quote and ask that you pay a 50% deposit to secure a date for us to complete the job. At this point, we will also recommend the most economical waste disposal methods.

4 / Agreeing on a date

Once the estimate has been accepted and funding has been confirmed, we discuss and allocate suitable dates. Please note, if you are self-funding, a 50% deposit of the estimated price must be paid in advance of scheduling a time.

5 / Date secured

We will discuss suitable dates and fix a preferred time in the diary.

6 / The work itself

We are extremely organised and careful. Our team is very experienced at quickly clearing even the unruliest of gardens and sheds – not just overgrowth but mounds of items that may have found their way into the garden over time.

7 / Completion

Once we have completed a garden clearance, we will send you a final invoice to be paid within 14 days.

“I never expected half and quarter of what got done to get done but the team did it wonderfully.”

Related Services

At Lofty Heights, we’re quite the experts when it comes to clearing and decluttering homes. Our skill at making homes and gardens less muddled has led to the development of lots of related services, which you’re welcome to explore.

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At Lofty Heights CIC, we regularly come across other useful resources that may benefit the people we help. We have put together a list of other charities and organisations that may also assist you on our Helpful Information Page.

Take the first step

You would be surprised at the amount of ground we can cover in just an afternoon or day’s work. So to restore your garden to a more manageable, safe and accessible space, please contact us. We’d be delighted to help.

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