House Clearance

A house clearance can be a huge task, especially for people living alone who may have a lifetime’s worth of possessions or for families who have just lost someone.

That’s where we can help.

Lofty Heights moving furniture out of a property

It can be quite an overwhelming task, especially when a home has become muddled or cluttered. That’s where Lofty Heights CIC can help. Our house clearance service offers an ordered and dignified way of sorting and clearing belongings and paperwork while taking care of the possessions to be kept.

Who we help


Those looking to downsize or move home and who cannot manage a house clearance on their own.


Family members who are unable to sort a home after their loved one has passed away or gone into care.

Social Services

Council teams managing the financial affairs of an individual whose home needs to be cleared for sale to fund continuing care costs.

Private landlords & Housing Associations

Landlords whose property needs to be clear and tidy in readiness for new occupants.

Legal professionals

Solicitors advising executors of the administration of a deceased person’s estate.

Funeral Directors

Funeral planners who would like to recommend a trusted, reliable house clearance service to bereft relatives.

The Benefits

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Supports a smoother move

Makes lighter work of downsizing, moving into sheltered or supported housing, going into care, or moving in with family.

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Helps bereaved families

Takes away the physical and emotionally overwhelming task of sorting through a loved one’s possessions after they have died.

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Quickens tenancy changeover

Takes away the hassle of clearing a property where a tenant has died, and family members are unable to assist with the process.

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Enables probate house clearances

Assists solicitors, administrators or executors in clearing a property of its contents during the probate process.

Our Process

We’re not your usual house clearance service. Working with vulnerable people, we appreciate the value possessions hold; not just for the individual but also for family members. When we clear a house, we are dignified and careful in how we sort belongings. Paperwork, for instance, is never just thrown away, and neither are items we either know or feel may be of value to you.

Our house clearance service is almost always privately funded. It is either paid directly by an individual or their relatives, from a person’s estate, by a landlord or in the case of someone who has gone into social care, payment may be managed by the council’s finance team.

Ready for help now? Call us on 01473 345 301 or Email:

1 / First contact

We encourage you to make either a telephone or email enquiry or use the contact form on our website. Please be as detailed as you can about the scale of the house clearance (e.g. how many rooms there are and whether you need help clearing any outside spaces).

2 / Assessment visit

We will need to see the property to provide you with an estimate for the work. Ideally, we will assess the property in person, but a video call from the property will be fine if this is not possible.

3 / Estimate

We provide you with an estimate for the work and ask that you pay a 50% deposit to secure a date for us to complete the house clearance. At this point, we will also ask you to detail any possessions you would like us to put aside, and what you would like to happen to the remaining belongings.

4 / Date secured

We will discuss suitable dates and fix a preferred time in the diary.

5 / Email correspondence

If you live out of the county or abroad, we’re still happy to take calls, although our primary communication will be through email.

6 / The work itself

We are extremely organised and careful. Our team is very experienced at quickly clearing even the most cluttered homes where a lifetime’s worth of possessions may live. You can rest assured that we’ll never throw anything away without careful consideration. Your wishes are important to us.

7 / Completion

Once we have completed a house clearance, we will send you a final invoice to be paid within 14 days

“I’m reassured just knowing Lofty Heights are there, they cleared and fixed everything so quickly. Please anyone who needs help, give them a call.”

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At Lofty Heights CIC, we regularly come across other useful resources that may benefit the people we help. We have put together a list of other charities and organisations that may also assist you on our Helpful Information Page.

Reach out to Us

House clearance is quite a sweeping term. It’s the sorting and packing of belongings, the sifting of paperwork, physical removal of unwanted items, holding on to possessions and gifting to charity. Simply give us a call. We promise to always act with kindness and care.

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