Help with Hoarding

Most of us like to hold onto things that we feel attached to or that hold special memories, but for some people, attachment to possessions can become a real hindrance to everyday living.

That’s where we can help.

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It’s a big step to ask for help with hoarding. We understand the difficulties you may have in letting go of objects that may not seem valuable to anyone else but you. In making your home safer, we’ll support you to make decisions about what items to keep and what to part with. Most importantly, we do this without judgment and at a comfortable pace.

Who we help


People whose attachment to possessions is negatively impacting their mental and physical health.

Health & Social care

Partner agencies needing a trusted service capable of sensitively sorting extensively cluttered homes.

Family & Carers

Those whose relative or close friend needs specialist decluttering support in making their home safer.

The Benefits

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Safer living

Decluttering creates a safer, healthier and happier living space with the reduction of health, fire and trip hazards.

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Enables independence

Being able to find everyday items and safely use appliances and facilities promotes independent living.

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Improved wellbeing

Making even the smallest of changes to a living space, positively impacts mental and physical wellbeing.

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Reduces risk of eviction

By removing fire hazards and making a home more habitable, the chances of an eviction are reduced.

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Resolves community tensions

Creating a less overwhelmingly muddled home can help reduce tensions with neighbours and encourage new friendships.

Our Process

We are here to help and not to judge and while we may not understand it all, we always try to do so. Whenever we are invited to make a home safer, we are respectful.

We are supportive and empathetic and appreciate that parting with items can be very distressing. However, our tried and tested process of helping you decide what you keep and let go of makes decluttering less intrusive and more comfortable.

Ready for help now? Call us on 01473 345 301 or Email:

1 / First contact

A telephone enquiry and referral is made to Lofty Heights CIC – usually from social services, although it can be from an individual or their family.

2 / Visiting you at home

A joint assessment home visit is arranged to identify the amount of support required. Taking a person-centred approach, we sensitively discuss your attachment to items and consider what your anxiety levels may be. It’s important that we work with you to enable you to make decisions over your possessions and create a plan that you feel comfortable with.

We may use our Clutter Scale to help with the assessment.

3 / Estimating costs

We provide the referring agency or you with an estimated cost based on our assessment.

4 / Agreeing on a date

Once the estimate has been accepted and funding has been confirmed, we discuss and allocate dates. Please note, if you are self-funding, a 50% deposit of the estimated price must be paid in advance of scheduling a time.

5 / Decluttering

We appreciate that between our initial assessment and the day we arrive, you may feel differently. Therefore, we’ll always check to make sure you feel ok and carefully manage the process so that our support does not overwhelm you. We’ll find a pace and process that you feel in control of.

6 / Completion

Following the end of our time supporting you, an invoice is sent either to the referring agency or you as an individual to pay the balance within 14 days.

“Lofty Heights are miracle workers, It could not have been any better”

One-to-One Support

In exceptional circumstances, where a person has extremely high levels of anxiety, mental health problems or trust issues, we may be able to offer a one-to-one service. The need for this type of service will be identified early on during the assessment process less chaotic.

Related Services

At Lofty Heights, we’re quite the experts when it comes to clearing and decluttering homes. Our skill at making homes and gardens less muddled has led to the development of lots of related services, which you’re welcome to explore.

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At Lofty Heights CIC, we regularly come across other useful resources that may benefit the people we help. We have put together a list of other charities and organisations that may also assist you on our Helpful Information Page.

Take the first step

It’s a big brave step to ask for help in the first place. No matter how out of control you feel your home has become, we can help. Homes become muddled for many different reasons. When you reach out to us, you will be connected to someone who will seek to understand your situation and draw up a plan.

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