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At Lofty Heights CIC, we can only make the difference that we do because of our people. We’re like family. Every member of our team is here because they want to be. They are passionate about making a positive social impact on people’s lives and respect each other’s contributions.

Garry Mills
Chief Executive Officer
As a senior leader, Garry has been continually recognised for his continued dedication and commitment to not only his workforce but also to his customers. After fourteen successful years in welfare to work, four of which within the charity sector, Garry joined Lofty heights in 2022 as Chief Executive Officer. Garry brings innovation, a fresh approach to coaching and development, whilst also focusing heavily on sustainability, governance and quality, to ensure that Lofty Heights challenges the status quo and continues to deliver an exceptional service to those that are most in need.
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Wendy Jordon
Office Manager
My name is Wendy, and I’ve worked at Lofty Heights CIC since August 2020 as an Accounts Assistant. In that time, I like to think that I’ve applied the ‘Lofty Heights’ treatment to the internal accounting process by introducing QuickBooks and other new processes.
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David Olding
Workforce Manager
I’ve worked with Lofty Heights CIC from the start before we even had the first of what would turn into hundreds of jobs. I was appointed team leader in 2016, and I’ve got to say, I thoroughly enjoy my job. The best part about it, without a doubt, is that we change lives on a daily basis.
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Clive Reed
Declutter operative
As soon as I joined Lofty Heights as a driver operative, I immediately noticed just how close-knit the team is. Quite honestly, I’d struggle to think of a more rewarding role than driving around Suffolk helping vulnerable people to live safely in their own homes. Every day is different!
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Daniel Scott
Declutter Operative
Although, at the time of writing, I hadn’t been at Lofty Heights very long (I joined in April 2021), I must say that the training has been fantastic. Immediately, I was paired with a more experienced team member and I can already see this being a role that I will enjoy for many years to come.
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Kirsty Mussett
Declutter Operative
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Jamie Townshend
Declutter Operative
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Toby Brooks
Declutter Operative
Curtis Beadle
Digital Information Officer
I joined Lofty Heights in 2018 with the help of Talentmatch who helped me with my anxiety and depression, something that i will always struggle with. I've done many things here, started in the warehouse then moved to tech support then to photographer and social media. No day is the same and it really is a pleasure to work here.
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Jordan Buckman
Marketing Apprentice


Olive Quinton
I set up Lofty Heights CIC in 2012 to enable people to live safely, securely and healthily in their homes and provide employment and training opportunities to young people in Suffolk. I couldn’t be prouder of the team and the strides we’ve made in delivering on this promise.
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Rob Hart
General Manager and Non-Executive Director
My business background is in construction. When I first met Olive, I was her business mentor. I became immersed in Lofty Heights and its mission to help young and vulnerable people. When I was offered the role of Non-Executive Director in 2016 and then General Manager in 2019, I had to accept.
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Stephen Taylor
I have been involved in Lofty Heights since I met Olive at the School for Social Entrepreneurs in 2011, thought her idea to employ and train young people to provide a much-needed decluttering service was brilliant, and was invited to become a founding director. I’ve never regretted the decision to be a part of such an inspirational organisation. I am a team leader in the Environment Agency, having previously worked in and with libraries for almost thirty years, before changing careers. I’m also vice-chair of the RSPCA Suffolk Central branch, and a trustee and board member of Eastern Angles theatre company.
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