Motivating yourself or a loved one to make decisions about possessions can be difficult, especially when a home has become overwhelmingly muddled.

That’s where we can help.

Hoarder room packed with boxes, electronics, business equipment,

We’re quite the experts at decluttering and understand the associated and often complex reasons why homes become chaotic.

Who we help


People living alone who may or may not have physical or mental health challenges.

Health & Social care

Partners needing a trusted decluttering service that understands a person’s underlying needs.

Family & Carers

Those whose relative or close friend requires help in making their home safer and more manageable.

Beneficiaries & Solicitors

For when a person sadly passes away, and their home needs to be decluttered.

The Benefits

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Safer living

Decluttering creates a safer, healthier and happier living space with the reduction of health, fire and trip hazards.

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Enables independence

Being able to find everyday items and safely use appliances and facilities promotes independent living.

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Positive wellbeing

Making changes to a living space, no matter how small, positively impacts mental and physical wellbeing.

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Improved social life

Creating a more welcoming environment enriches relationships with family, friends and neighbours.

Our Process

We always work with you and promise never to judge. The point of our service is to return your home to a point where you feel happy and safe.  

Ready for help now? Call us on 01473 345 301 or Email:

1 / First contact

Lofty Heights receives an initial telephone enquiry and referral – usually from social services, mental health trusts, housing providers and voluntary organisations, although it can be from an individual.

2 / Visiting you at home

A joint assessment home visit is arranged to identify the decluttering support required. Taking a person-centred approach, we make sure you feel in control over the possessions you wish to keep or part with. If you feel overwhelmed or stuck, we sensitively help you arrive at decisions to help you reach your decluttering goals.

We may use our Clutter Scale to help with the assessment.

3 / Estimating costs

We provide the referring agency or you with an estimated cost based on how long the decluttering process is likely to take. We carefully consider how easy it will be for you to part with your possessions, how much time you will need to adjust, and whether there are any waste disposal requirements.

4 / Agreeing on a date

Once the estimate has been accepted and funding has been confirmed, we discuss and allocate suitable dates. Please note, if you are self-funding, a 50% deposit of the estimated price must be paid in advance of scheduling a time.

5 / Decluttering

Working to your decluttering goals (we always request that you are present), we arrive at your home as agreed and start the sensitive yet structured process of decluttering.

6 / Completion

On completion of our decluttering service, an invoice is sent either to the referring agency or you as an individual to pay the balance within 14 days.

“Thank you Lofty Heights, you have been stars, saved us from a disaster!”

Related Services

At Lofty Heights, we’re quite the experts when it comes to clearing and decluttering homes. Our skill at making homes and gardens less muddled has led to the development of lots of related services, which you’re welcome to explore.

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Hospital Discharge
House Clearance
Garden Clearance
End of Tenancy Clearance
Support for Carers

At Lofty Heights CIC, we regularly come across other useful resources that may benefit the people we help. We have put together a list of other charities and organisations that may also assist you on our Helpful Information Page.

Take the first step

No matter how disordered your home may be, we can draw up a plan that enables your home, or specified living spaces, to be decluttered efficiently and sensitively.

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