Support for Carers

With the support of Suffolk Community Foundation and funding* from Suffolk County Council, Lofty Heights CIC provides specialist support to support carers.

Aptly named the ‘Helping Hands Carers Project’, funding covers a whole host of services designed to make life that little bit easier and give you ‘room to breathe’.

* funding is limited & available in a first come first serve basis to carers

What we can help with

Moving furniture

We’ll happily move furniture and other items to enable you to redecorate or rearrange a space.

Assembling furniture

We’re quite the experts of deciphering the instructions of flat packed furniture.


Whether you need to declutter a wardrobe, garage or empty your loft, we can help.


We can blitz any room that you have not had time to clean and even sort through paperwork.

Small DIY tasks

We can carry out small DIY tasks such as hanging pictures, fixing shelves, attending to leaky taps etc.

Garden clearance

If your garden has become overgrown or inaccessible, we know can help you reclaim your space.

The Benefits

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Safer living

Creates a safer, healthier, happier living space in which to care for a loved one.

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Positive wellbeing

Making changes to your living space, can help you gain a little bit of the ‘old’ you back.

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Tending to little jobs

Tackling those jobs that are either too difficult or impossible to ‘get to’ can be a real relief.

Our Process

The Helping Hands grant is all about what you need as a carer. So if you need your garden neatened up because it makes you feel bad to see it neglected, the grant could cover this. Likewise, you might be having to downsize and need help clearing and sorting through items in your loft. If your ‘need’ involves improving or changing your home or garden, the chances are that we’ll be able to help.

Ready for help now? Call us on 01473 345 301 or Email:

1 / First contact

Lofty Heights receives an initial telephone enquiry– either from you as a carer, a loved one, or a referring agency.

2 / Visiting you at home

A joint assessment home visit is arranged to identify the support you require. This enables us to accurately assess what we’ll be able to achieve within a day. It might be, for instance, that we could tend to other jobs if we feel we will have the time.

3 / Agreeing on a date

We discuss and agree an allocated date for the work to be completed. At this point we will also discuss any waste disposal requirements and the likely costs.

4 / Carry out the work

We will turn up on time and dutifully carry out the jobs expected, to a high standard and with a friendly smile.

Support for bereaved carers

We realise that it can be difficult coming to terms with the loss of a loved one. In recognising this, you can access our support through the Helping Hands grant up to 12 months after your loved one has passed or gone into care. This could be any manner of things, but usually involves help parting with clothes, downsizing, sorting through paperwork or making a few changes to your living space.

“For anyone needing help, just pick up the phone and call Lofty Heights. This is what we did, and they took so many of our worries away. The crew was very helpful and polite. We really don’t know how we would have managed without them!”

Related Services

At Lofty Heights, we’re quite the experts when it comes to clearing and decluttering homes. Our skill at making homes and gardens less muddled has led to the development of lots of related services, which you’re welcome to explore.

Help with Hoarding
Hospital Discharge
House Clearance
Garden Clearance
End of Tenancy Clearance
Support for Carers

At Lofty Heights CIC, we regularly come across other useful resources that may benefit the people we help. We have put together a list of other charities and organisations that may also assist you on our Helpful Information Page.

How to access support

This is a limited carers grant, and so support is very much available on a first-come first-served basis. If you are a carer and feel you would benefit from the support of our team, we encourage you to reach out to us sooner rather than later. Likewise, if you just want to find out more about the services we offer, please give us a call.

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