Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

With 58 skips used in 2021, Lofty Heights has been working tirelessly hard to identify ways in which we can reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill. With less than 2 months to go of 2022, we have already seen a 39% reduction year to date in the number skips we have used, but we must continue to do more.   

Furniture, white goods, clothes, and unwanted items are removed from a property, and either passed on to other customers in need or, donated to local charities. Special thanks to Elliot and the team at Basic Life in Felixstowe for being so accommodating over the years.

Any clean wood that is removed from our jobs is often donated to Genesis Orwell Mencap to help them run their furnace. In October we will again be working with Lapwing Education to provide their students with the opportunity to get creative and try their hands at upcycling pieces of furniture.

We are often asked if we would take scrap metal when clearing properties, the simple answer to this is yes, we work closely with Whip Street Motors to recycle any type of metal, any monies raised through this process is then re-invested into the organisation and allows us to offset waste disposal charges on certain jobs.

Garden waste is also a high-volume problem that we often face, but thanks to Hopestead, we received £1,000 of funding to purchase a garden shredder/chipper, allowing us to breakdown the garden waste and turn it into a usable organic material for the garden.

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