Hopestead Charitable Trust funding award

We are so excited to learn that we have been granted funding from ‘We’re Hopestead’ Charitable Trust.

For many years here at Lofty Heights CIC we have wanted to explore and support individuals living in hoarded homes to look at the reasons behind their hoarding behaviour and to help them identify for themselves, the support they need in order to help break the cycle of hoarding.

We have wanted to do this for many reasons, one with the aim of preventing eviction and homelessness because we have witnessed first hand the distress caused by eviction and the impact this has on physical and mental health. .

We’re using the funding to employ a part-time mental health worker to develop, support and evaluate our pilot project .

We’re Hopestead, aim is to end Homelessness in the East of England. They recognise that Homelessness isn’t just about providing homes, it’s about tackling the causes of homelessness and building long term, sustainable solutions. Through our pilot project we will explore what those solutions might be.

Its not just giving people a safe place to live, but understanding why they are experiencing homelessness in the first place, to prevent it happening again.

Thank you Hopestead for allowing us the chance to gain this understanding and make an even bigger difference to the lives of the vulnerable people living in cluttered and hoarded homes across Suffolk that we support.

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