Emergency Relief Project

Ipswich is home to some of the worst hoarding that we have ever seen and this has been identified through our work with the NHS and Adult Community Services, where we have witnessed terrible deprivation due to people falling between the cracks of statutory services and unable to fund the work themselves.

Our Emergency Relief Project interacts with people, at a time where their lifestyle has become a danger to their welfare and are now at breaking point and desperately in need of support, especially:

  • When the amount of clutter becomes a risk and interferes with everyday living, for example, the person is unable to use their bedroom, kitchen or bathroom and cannot access rooms.
  • When the clutter is causing significant distress or negativity affecting the quality of life of the person or their family, for example, they become upset if someone tries to clear the clutter and their relationship fails or worse, they become homeless due to eviction.

The Emergency Relief Project is only available for people living in Ipswich, and who cannot access alternative funding.

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