EADT feature on how we helped a hoarder

The East Anglian Daily Times have published a story on how we helped a hoarder called “Lucy” (name changed). “Lucy” had a job working from home in financial services, and was in fact “extremely clean and tidy” when she left all her friends and family behind to move to Suffolk.

But by the time she was admitted to hospital this summer, she had been living for six months isolated and trapped in the bedroom of a house that was filled with enormous piles of junk, rubbish and “unspeakable things.”

Lucy got herself to the point where she could no longer leave home. She was unable to look after either herself, or her two pet cats and puppy who lived with her.

One day, her life reached a crisis point when she became physically ill and she was admitted to hospital with septicemia.

While in hospital she heard about Lofty Heights and asked us to help her make her house a home again.

“I want people to know about this service, because it saved my life. They are not just cleaners, they are really making a difference to people’s lives.”

It took us 6 days to declutter Lucy’s house so she could move back. She describes the moment she set eyes upon her house after it had been cleaned as being “like when you move to a new house.”

“I’m just as excited – It’s a fresh start for me. It’s completely life-changing – I now think about where I live as being my home.”

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